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No.917   [Reply]
This is desuchan, an all-purpose imageboard for any topic. Feel free to post anything funny, and enjoy. ~cirno
Posts with spamlinks, double posts and spam will be removed without notice.
Due to missuse for spaming, TOR is now entirely banned from desuchan. Sorry dudes!

(93331 Byte, 640x461)

No.2146   [Reply]

KC ist tot, was nun?

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>> No.2192  

Ach, das haben wir doch jedes Jahr. Gibt es überhaupt gesicherte Quellen dafür?

>> No.2193  

DerGeneral bestätigte mir persönlich, die Seite würde nie wieder (unter seiner Leitung) zurückkommen.
Geh zum Krautchan IRC und du kannst dir das dort bestätigen lassen. Krautchan ist kaputt.

>> No.2199  

Wie passend, Ernstchan und NSL sind dies mittlerweile auch. Ebenfalls von weissbier im Hackint-IRC-Netzwerk verkündet. Bleiben nur noch Kohl- und Neu-Ernstchan.

>> No.2200  

Auch in Internationalen Zwischennetz sterben die Bretter gerade aus.

>2018 - Das Jahr des Brettsterbens.

Markiert meine Worte.

>> No.2232  
(19484 Byte, 409x406)


Und 2019 geht es weiter mit dem Sterben.

Kohlchan, das sich annähernd als Krautchan-Nachfolger etablieren konnte, wird wohl nach nicht einmal zweijährigem Bestehen bereits wieder abgeschaltet; zu groß scheint der Druck, der durch die Medien, wie den Tagesspiegel oder nun auch den Guardian, aufgebaut wurde.

Für die deutsche Nutzerschaft sind es harte Zeiten.

(239551 Byte, 1920x1170)

No.2231   [Reply]


(13929 Byte, 100x100)

No.2169   [Reply]

Greetings from Hispachan, negritos!

>> No.2170  
(17620 Byte, 1024x750)



>> No.2171  

fukken saved

>> No.2180  

I am amazed that this board has not drowned in desu spam. Cause this is like the perfect place

>> No.2230  

jalate a la verga perro

(711398 Byte, 1063x1500)

No.2229   [Reply]

Friendly greetings from https://spacechan.xyz/b/

(194540 Byte, 1920x1080)

No.2225   [Reply]

Ohhhh, real shit... I wanted to make my own imageboard named desuchan but such one alreedy exists. Sad

>> No.2227  

This place has been around for a long while, what's really sad is that you didn't know about it sooner.

>> No.2228  

There's actually 2 desuchans. This and https://desuchan.net/

(451478 Byte, 968x681)

No.2224   [Reply]

A good website in a weary world welcomes people like yourself https://cow.vg/ or @Tor http://2ftgu27lxmjmc3bjlqvzbn4gorx5yku3kylhbsn6g4ggum2e2jgcpoqd.onion/ Share the word, this is not spam but a special invitation to you. This invitation is unique and not many will get it, so rejoice. Our website is especially designed to help you tune into yourself, into your cow. Into the possibilities of milky delight that you will discover within you. Each time you visit our website you will understand more, and more will rise up within you in response. Visit our website, again and again. Visit alone, or with your cow. Try whatever appeals to you in the course of your visit and click something new! something different... each time. Then when you are comfortable with everything on our website use is as a wallpaper for your computer, let it become a part of your imagination, a part of you. The possibilities that this website will open are truly limitless.

(1183239 Byte, 1280x720)

No.2223   [Reply]

Hai fren! I made a new tor board called VileChan, please come over because it would make me happy. http://hvjgdbwgmn4iu4yxkc4gxxclskxigh5oz52uot3ltqijb76wxjdnxpyd.onion/

Animu is allowed.

(204476 Byte, 842x1200)

No.2222   [Reply]

What script does desuchan run on? This site seems pretty cool, too bad it's dead.

>> No.2226  

Woah that's a nice Mokou.

(44899 Byte, 970x542)

No.2220   [Reply]

Greetings from Depreschan.
Come visit us, if you'd like.

>> No.2221  

You're shit, depressalik-kun.

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